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Comprehensive Pain Management

Our Orthopedic team is dedicated to managing pain during and after joint replacement surgery. We employ a multi-modal and multi-disciplined approach to patient care that includes the most modern rehabilitation programs proven to reduce pain and accelerate recovery.

We start by preventing pain even before the operation. We continue this focus during and after your surgery to minimize pain and allow rehabilitation earlier. This is one of the reasons patients can meet their therapy goals while in the hospital and go home sooner compared to a conventional recovery program.

Our pain control protocol has been highly successful in keeping patients comfortable and safe after hip and knee replacement surgery.

Comprehensive Pain Management

We employ a pain management protocol that includes:

  • Pain management medications, customized for every patient, taken prior to surgery to prevent pain from even starting
  • Emphasis on local pain control using:
    • Regional Analgesia including ultrasound-guided nerve blocks and neuraxial (spinal) anesthesia
    • Intra-Operative placement of local anesthetic during surgery to reduce pain following surgery
  • Post-operative oral pain medications which target different nerve receptors
  • Attention to reducing post-operative swelling thereby improving early motion and reducing pain

While it is not possible to completely eliminate pain following joint replacement surgery, every effort is made to reduce pain and accelerate recovery following surgery.