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Hi. My name is John. I am 41 years of age. About 10 years ago, I started experiencing pain in my left leg. It used to feel like a cramp run down the back of my leg. This pain used to come and go. It wasn't constant pain. However, over the next couple of years the pain got worse. By the way, I should tell you I work construction so there is a lot of physical work. About seven years ago or so the pain in my legs had got worse. There would be very little pain when I woke in the morning but as I was on my feet the pain would gradually get worse. I also had lower back pain and sciatica. Over the years this pain got worse until it became constant. I was walking with a limp and had lost a lot of muscle in my left leg. I am Irish so last resort for us is to go to see a doctor (don't know why that is), but I went to different doctors, physical therapist, and an acupuncturist. They treated my sciatica and lower back pain and muscles in my legs but nothing helped. I never felt any pain in my hip until a few months ago. So I went to Boston Medical then. In the hospital they took an x ray and told me I had an arthritic hip. I was told to try everything before getting a hip replacement as I was so young. I tried a cortisone shot it only helped for a week or so. I kept doing physical therapy but the pains in my leg got so bad that I could barely walk so I opted for total hip replacement of my left hip. My surgery was scheduled for May 17, 3 weeks before surgery we had a meeting with Dr. Silvia and other hip and knee replacement patients so we could ask questions about our surgery and what to expect after. It was very helpful and it eased any nerves I had but I should have asked more questions, so come prepared with list of questions.

On the day of the operation I was in the hospital a couple of hours before it was scheduled. Everyone in Boston Medical was great. I wasn't nervous, but was actually looking forward to getting it done. After surgery I was told everything went great. I was in a little pain but it wasn't bad at all. I was on morphine that first night and hadn't a great nights sleep. The following day I felt a bit sick from the medicine but my pain was a lot better. Later on that day a P.T. came to my room and got me up and about and walking on crutches. I was discharged that same day which was great [I really don't like hospitals].

I live alone, but being foolish I actually thought I could manage after surgery on my own. However, my sister didn't listen to me and came to visit, thank god. Everyone will need someone at home for at least a week or two. Don't be foolish and think you can recover on your own. I also wasn't prepared at home. I had no proper seat to sit on, you need a high seat so it's easy to get up and down. You also need a high seat for the toilet. Make sure you are organised before surgery and not having to look for stuff like I had to. Small things make a huge difference.

For the first week after surgery, I needed 2 crutches to get about. I had a little pain in my hip, also be prepared to struggle putting on your shoes, socks and pants. There are different gadgets you can get to help. After the first week I could walk with one crutch. My hip was weak, but the pain I was experiencing before surgery was gone. That gave me a great boost. I started P.T. the week after my surgery in Boston Medical. They were brillliant [Lindsey and Taylor]. It's important to follow their instructions and do your exercises. I could see a little improvement everyday. I had a couple of bad days but few and far between. Set goals for yourself and it really helps in recovery. 2 weeks after surgery, I was walking without crutches. I was doing P.T. twice a week, walking everyday and doing my exercises. 6 weeks after surgery, I went back to see Dr. Silvia. I was walking pretty good and the muscles around my hip were getting stronger so I got the all clear to go back to work with restrictions [I couldn't do any heavy lifting but you will know your limitations. Don't push your new hip too much]. It was great to get back to work, not that I could do a whole lot but at least I wasn't stuck at home.

About 9 weeks after surgery, my hip was a lot stronger and I could do much more manual work, walking on flat surfaces wasn't a problem, but I still struggled walking up and down hills. Today 3 months after surgery, I have gotten the all clear to go back to work. I won't be able to do too much heavy lifting or running. I have to mind this new hip of mine. I have no pain in my legs, but still have work to do building my muscles around my hip. I also finished P.T. today as well.

Thanks Dr Silvia and all your staff for a life changing experience. I would also like to thank the P.T. department. They were great too. 


Bellevue, IA | Dec, 2016
I feel 10 years younger now and I'm so excited to be doing everything again. I can do everything I want to do. I walk so well now.

I feel good about myself; I'm confident. And I can carry my grandson again.

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Davenport, IA | Aug, 2016
Dr. Silvia performed a partial knee replacement on me. I made the decision to use him after a 2 hr consultation visit. He spent all the time I needed going over statistics, answering questions, recommending areas to research pre-surgery, etc. He visited me twice during my 24 hrs in the hospital.

Dr. Silvia is VERY proactive/cautious regarding infections/blood clots. Will use him again for my other knee.


Jan 28, 2016
From consultation to post surgery I never had any doubts.


I'm glad to have an opportunity to speak about Dr. Silvia. I think he is a very good Doctor. He is very clear with what needs to be done both before and after surgery. I am glad to have had him for my pre-op and surgery. He was very kind, patient, and informing. I'm glad to have my surgery complete, but will miss the kindness and help I received for my care.

Dr. Silvia and his staff are awesome. Thanks to everyone. God Bless.



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